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So, again I´ve become a victim of a tag and this time :iconart-fromthe-heart: is responsible for it....

First I have to tell 10 things about let me think....

1. I never was afraid of animals like insects and spiders, even as a child, which is pretty untypical for the standard female gender cliches- there´s even a photo of me at age 12 or so where I smile while a tarantula is sitting on my jacket!

2. When I visit a crafts store, I often buy more than I intended to buy.

3. It´s a tradition for me to have a wolf calendar hanging on my wall every year. There´s a box in my room full of outdated wolf calendars, and some of the pictures I want to cut out and use them as posters, the rest I want to give away because they´re too precious to throw in the dumpster!

4. People who know I love and collect wolf-themed things often don´t dare to give me such things as presents because they fear that I would already have them or don´t like them (I´m so picky..) Instead they give me money so that I can buy those things myself :D

5. I have so many needle-felted animals in my room that I got an extra shelf for that bookshelf is getting too cramped and I want to have enough space on it for, well, books.....

6. When I laugh really loud, people told me I sound like a hyena xD

7. When I see things in a store I really want to buy, I always ask myself if I have enough money for it before mindlessly buying things I don´t even need...

8. Some people have told me that I have a good singing voice.

9. I´m rather clumsy on land, but more persevering when I swim...someone told me that I could have been a penguin in one of my past lives xD

10. I always have a pen and a sketchbook/notepad in my bag.

Now the questions I´ve been asked:

1. What's your favorite color and why?
Green....because it reminds me of forests....But I also like blue!

2. Are you a deep thinker?
Indeed I am! But sometimes I tend to think too much about negative things instead of focusing on the positive sides of life...

3. What's your favorite art form to create, and favorite art form to view?
At the moment I do needlefelting and rock painting a lot, but I think my favourite art form is drawing, though I haven´t drawn anything for months xD
My favourite art forms to view? I enjoy good photography, mostly of animals (preferably of course my favourite animal species) and nature/landscapes. I also love traditional and digital wildlife art as well as good fantasy art (mostly landscapes, architecture and creatures)

4. If you could go anywhere in the world right now at no cost, where would you travel?
Canada! As some of you know, I´m actually saving money to make it come true in some years...

5. What skill/knowledge would you like to obtain?
At the moment I´m thinking of learning how to crochet...
6. Have you thought about the meaning of life, and do you have an answer?
Thought about it yes, an answer, no....

7. What makes you laugh the most?
Immature puns xD
8. If you had a thousand dollars (or other currency) to buy something right now, what would you use it for?
Saving it for my vacation in Canada..

9. Have you had a pet that was like another human to you? Tell me about them.
I´ve had a rabbit that was with me for his whole life.... he wasn´t the only one I had, but most of the rabbits I used to have I got when they were already adult, and this one I´ve known since his birth, It´s a rather long story that I didn´t plan...
I´ve adopted a female rabbit from people who wanted to get rid of her because she didn´t have babies, and since I wasn´t interested in breeding, that was no problem for me. What I didn´t know was that she was pregnant when I adopted her and a week after she came she had a nest with 3 little ones... one of them I had to find a new home for because I didn´t have the space at that time, and two of them I kept with me. Sadly the female baby died in my arms at a very young age, but the male (which I did get neutered of course, because I didn´t want a baby boom xD)  lived with me for 8 1/2 years. It´s not that I didn´t love my other pets -they were very dear to me- but he was special because of the story I told before...and besides from that he was the oldest rabbit I ever had!

10. I'm stealing this question: What's your Myers-Briggs type? (Haven't taken a test? Here!:… )
I am an ISFJ personality, according to the test I took.
  • Listening to: Neverending Story audiobook
  • Drinking: Lemon flavored green tea


ArcticIceWolf's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Something about me......
I´m a mainly traditional artist who concentrates on drawings of realistic animals, but I´m also into artisan crafting (especially needle felted animal plushies, which are loved by a lot of people I know) as well as photography and sometimes digital art.
I have a very deep love for wolves, which I also express through my artworks. But wolves are not the only things that matter for me (being a wolf lover doesn´t automatically mean being ignorant about any other species!!) That´s why I consider myself as an ANIMAL artist- though there´s many wolf themed art in my gallery, you also will encounter a variety of other different species, including occasionally humans for fanart ;)
Comments, favourites and constructive criticism on my artwork are always appreciated!
And I´m always open for advices to improve my art...

Favourite art styles: Animal art (preferably realistic or semirealistic), Photography, Fanart, Fantasy art, Artisan crafting

Favourite cartoon/animation character: Peter from Peter and the Wolf :heart: (if stop-motion animation counts as "cartoon", but I can identify so much with him...)

Some stamps that tell a lot about my personality:
:thumb211651732: I don't care about popularity XP by DragonGirl249 Arctic wolves STAMP by Allerlei The Sight + Fell Stamp by shyamiko CoAD Fan Stamp by Skylark-93 Wildlife Artist Stamp by That-One-Midget :thumb133381646: :thumb214547971: Wolves by Winter-on-Mars Make Art Stamp by Shadow-D-Keeper :thumb111767771: Support Pencil Art Stamp v1 by StampsLikeCrazy i love my pencil by lex-shadow :thumb193668529: -Remake- Unashamed Wolf Artist by VexVamp Not a Conformist Stamp by VampsStock I love Irish Wolfhounds by WishmasterAlchemist I love Shikoku by WishmasterAlchemist :thumb260561589: Stop The War by DevilKue I Dislike Sparkle Dogs by sugarpoultry Hrt Arctic Foxes by Kozinu Felines by skinnyveestamp I love Moose by WishmasterAlchemist Fennec stamp by LuckyPsych stamp: orca by FairyxWingz grey wolf stamp by muddyputty Black wolf stamp by muddyputty Music Stamp by Taylorinchains :thumb190366020: Popular Stamp by DevilKue Society Stamp by DevilKue P R E J U D I C E by SA948-Stamps Watch What you Type by RAGINGWALRUS :thumb270699229: I Love Cats-Stamp by GabiiChoco-Chan The Bartimaeus Trilogy Stamp by Allendra3 :thumb54917066: Anti Big Bad Wolf Stamp by Rika24 :thumb273426789:I love African Penguins by WishmasterAlchemist I love Snowy Owls by WishmasterAlchemist Red Panda Stamp by twozard I heart meerkat stamp by xXRoconzaXx I Love Stop-Motion Animation by Madame-Kikue Piano Player Stamp by Drake1 plushie love stamp by otakulottie Artisan Crafts stamp v.3 by LissaMonster Respect for Birds Stamp by VampsStock Anti wolf crap does not make sense by Galaxu Ravens. by Monster-Boar I love Penguins by WishmasterAlchemist Snow leopard stamp by Tollerka Peter and the Wolf - Peter Stamp by ArcticIceWolf Peter and the Wolf Stamp by ArcticIceWolf I love Hooded Crows by WishmasterAlchemist Just a stamp by HushedAaylah :thumb372454241: The Book of Unwritten Tales Stamp by ArcticIceWolf The Whispered World Stamp by ArcticIceWolf David Clement-Davis by shortview
For more stamps, look into my Stamps collection!

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